apples 2015

"First time since..."  "First time without..." phrases that we use so often now.  This was the first time making cider without Popeye.  But we all got together (those that could) and made him proud, working together.  Here was our morning spent apple picking:



i think one of Harlan's favorite things about living in our new home is being outside without me hovering over him making sure he isn't running into the street or destroying the neighbors' landscaping.

I like the lighting:

hubs likes being able to hunt in his own backyard



A lot has happened since April.

We've experience the full "circle of life".

We have moved into our dream home, but it's so bittersweet.

It's time to start remembering it all again.

It's time to take pictures.

It's time to get back to the usual mischief.



snow day

it doesn’t seem like grandma and grandpa K live that far away normally, but when they have almost a foot of snow on the group when we have none it’s like a different worldfeb1feb2feb42015 - 02_6936 (2)feb5snow1snow2snow3snow4snow5snow6snow7snow8snow9snow10snow11